Code of Ethical Conduct

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Section Working Displine

(1) Do not be late, leave early, or be absent from work. Remember to wear factory card and implement the attendance system.

(2) If an employee is on leave due to illness or business, he / she must go through the leave formalities as required.

(3) During working hours, it is not allowed to shift, leave without authorization, chat or do anything unrelated to work; If it is necessary to go out during working hours, it shall be submitted to the security guard on duty with the official list approved by the department leader. Otherwise, the security guard has the right to prevent it from leaving the factory.

(4) No drinking is allowed during working hours. No one is allowed to work after drinking.

(5) Be familiar with the process operation procedures of the post and master the operation methods of the post. Strictly inspect the quality of products in this process, and unqualified products shall not flow into the next process.

(6) Participate in the regular meeting according to the regulations of the Department (workshop), summarize the experience in time, find problems, and correct and improve the problems. Correctly handle the abnormal situation of the post and report it in time. No randomness is allowed in any detail.

(7) Employees shall consciously abide by the rules and regulations, obey the arrangement of management personnel at all levels, and shall not unreasonably confront and contradict the leadership. They must obey after different opinions are reflected and before formal implementation. Management personnel at all levels should set an example;  

(8) Seek truth from facts and carefully fill in the original records and various reports as required.

(9) After work, clean the site carefully, including turning off the power supply and electrical facilities, on-site sanitation, counting and checking all tools, recording of abnormal conditions, analysis and summary, etc. According to 5S requirements, keep the work site clean and put the articles in order.

(10) Take good care of the machine and equipment, operate in strict accordance with the equipment operating procedures, and report to the superior immediately in case of any abnormality, and stop the machine for maintenance.

(11) The shift handover record shall be comprehensive and accurate, and the articles, tools, instruments and equipment, work arrangement, etc. shall be carefully handed over.

(12) Employees shall not ask for or accept benefits from business related units in any name or form. Gifts given by related parties can only be accepted in public if they refuse the other party and it will be considered impolite, and shall be reported to the superior in a timely manner afterwards.

(13) Respect customers, business related units and colleagues, and do not slander any unit or individual on any occasion.

(14) Strictly abide by the enterprise confidentiality system. No irrelevant personnel shall enter the special departments and posts without authorization.

(15) Cherish public property, reduce loss and eliminate waste of company resources.

(16) No one may take part-time jobs without written approval. It is not allowed to take advantage of work and position to abuse power for personal gain or engage in malpractice for personal gain.

(17) Without approval, employees are not allowed to take their goods out of the factory without permission. They can only take them out after receiving inspection with the "release note" issued by the administrative department.

(18) Do not form gangs, reject others' opinions, insult others' personality or attack others personally, and do not engage in illegal organization activities.

(19) Pay attention to hygiene, do not spit everywhere, do not litter, do not scribble. Develop good personal hygiene habits.

Section II Business Activities

(1) Employees shall perform their duties honestly and legally.

(2) Safeguard the interests of the company. Employees are not allowed to engage in, participate in, support or connive at behaviors that have actual or potential harm to the company.

(3) Except for daily work or business, the following activities shall not be carried out without authorization or approval of the company:

a. conduct investigation, negotiation, signing, bidding, bidding, etc. in the name of the company;

b. Provide guarantees and certificates in the name of the company;

c. Express opinions and news to the news media in the name of the company; Represent the company in public activities.

(4) Strictly abide by all systems issued by the company, and the company encourages employees to fully express their opinions or put forward reasonable suggestions on work.

(5) Obey the arrangement of the superior. If it is considered that the instructions of the superior violate laws and business ethics or endanger the interests of the company, it has the right to report to the superior.

(6) It is strictly prohibited for employees to make written or oral commitments to customers and business related units beyond the scope of authorization of the company or the requirements of business guidelines.

(7) Without approval, employees shall not donate, transfer, lease, lend or mortgage the company's assets to other units or individuals.

(8) The company's office equipment, vehicles, communication and network systems or other assets shall not be used for any improper purpose in violation of the use regulations.

(9) All written and electronic teaching materials, training materials, intellectual property materials, etc. of the company shall not be disseminated without authorization.

(10) The rights and interests of the business and technical information, inventions and research achievements obtained by the employees due to their positions belong to the company.

Section III Professional Etiquette

(1) Appearance and appearance: steady and generous in dress and decoration, neat and clean, clean and tidy: generous and appropriate; Dress neatly and wear the manufacturer's brand.

(2) Social intercourse and conversation: speak Mandarin and be polite to others; Warm and sincere; Modest and prudent, objective and upright, and maintain the company's image.

(3) Behavior and behavior: keep a good mental state during working hours and be optimistic and enterprising. Treat colleagues warmly; Promote smiling and service;

(4) Answering and dialing telephone: polite, concise and accurate; Receive calls from colleagues, make necessary records and convey them in time;

(5) Do not make loud noise in the office area or public area. Reception and business negotiation should be conducted in the negotiation room or the area designated by the company;

(6) Keep a clean office environment, do not eat in the office area or smoke in the non-smoking area.

Section IV Confidentiality Obligations

(1) It is forbidden to use mobile phones and cameras to take product pictures and equipment within the company;

(2) It is strictly prohibited to share the company's products, pictures and equipment to personal we media, including wechat circle of friends, Tiktok, Weibo, cloud disk, etc;

(3) It is strictly prohibited to change posts, and know and inquire about products, production and other information unrelated to the post;

(4) It is strictly prohibited to copy and store any document on personal USB disk;

(5) It is strictly prohibited to inquire about and spread personal salary and welfare benefits;

(6) It is strictly prohibited to spread the company's documents, systems, meeting minutes, strategic planning, learning manuals, work processes, system documents, customer information, marketing plans, supply chain information, product information, price evaluation information, training courseware, financial materials, etc. to anyone outside the company in any form such as oral, print, copy, network, photo taking, etc.


Section V Smoking Ban Policy

(1) The company prohibits the use of open flames or smoking in the production site or warehouse area, and does not bring kindling into these places;

(2) Those who violate the above provisions will be punished with warning, dismissal or legal liability depending on the seriousness of the case;

Section VI Ten Prohibitions

(1) It is strictly prohibited to use smart phones, take photos and videos without approval in the company's work area, and disclose the company's business secrets in any way to infringe the company's interests;

(2) It is strictly prohibited to engage in malpractice for personal gain, take bribes, take advantage of work convenience to seek personal gain, or take advantage of power to embezzle or misappropriate company property;

(3) It is strictly prohibited to create things out of thin air, create incidents, spread statements that harm the company, and make promises to customers that harm the interests of the company without authorization;

(4) It is strictly prohibited to bring inflammable and explosive articles, controlled knives, lethal weapons and other dangerous and prohibited articles into the plant area and dormitory area;

(5) Gambling, drug abuse, alcoholism and smoking in non-smoking areas are strictly prohibited;

(6) It is strictly prohibited to fight, form gangs, gather people to make trouble, intimidate and coerce;

(7) It is strictly prohibited to use violence to threaten or incite employees to obstruct or use their authority to interfere with the normal production and operation order;

(8) It is strictly prohibited to practice fraud, deceive the superiors and subordinates and conceal identity, and to use other people's certificates and provide false information;

(9) It is forbidden to steal or intentionally damage public facilities and company property;

(10) It is strictly prohibited to violate the fire safety and environmental protection regulations and other illegal commands or operations to cause adverse consequences;

Those who violate the above prohibitions shall be dealt with and dismissed according to the relevant provisions of the company. If the circumstances are serious, they shall be investigated for legal responsibility.



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